Syenite Pumpkin Carving
Syenite Pumpkin Carving

Syenite Pumpkin Carving

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Step in to the fire of self discovery with this amazing magical mineral is known as Emberlite or yooperlite! just some of the trade names its actually syenite with the inclusions of fluorescent sodalite. A bit of a mouthful I know…its a fairly new find from 2017 from a man in Michigan. Its a variety of sodalite a fluorescent mineral which displays a strong-like hackmanite glow which is truly rare and precious stone! A bit of hidden magic when under uv illumination.

The good stuff being high in sodium minerals this fluorescent sodalite is the line between mineral and magic it may not be as ancient as Blue lace agate but it is the stone that will take you a little deeper into the magic! facilitating personal growth and creating a positive environment of light, hope and seeing the world with new perspective. Sodalite pushes you higher to claim that confidence, clarity and emotional intelligence that is needed for enhancing self trust. Reminding you you’re alive because the fire within you burns brighter then the fire around you!

A throat chakra must have for boosting communication and heightens your inner trust! what makes this even magical is that its connected to the heart and third eye too sending you grounding force of the earth beneath your feet! As a water element stone its all about bringing emotional balance and flow into your space so work with this stone for when you need q heady dose of calmness for when you want to stimulate higher thinking.

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