Collection: Crystals ✨

Discovering your Rox 

Crystals are often like picking clothes for the day ahead, sometimes when you look in the mirror at an outfit  you get it bang on and think wow yes that's perfect, other days not so much, that will be  a thing called your intuition, your knowing, that's where the saying always listen to your gut , so when it doesn't feel right its the same with crystals you will feel and know what feels right for you and what needs enhancing or changing and its all part of what we need.

There is no right or wrong with Crystal healing you can have as many or as little of the same gemstone after all its natural to have  favourite of something so why not the same with crystals. The more you have doesn't always mean that things will change or move any quicker the bigger the crystals its all about the frequency and the energy of the stone. Bare this in mind What you get in you will get out just like in life.. sometimes we just have to go with it.