A little bit about Dotey Rox and her dotey pieces.



We Are we OPEN &  running as usual to give you nothing but 100% Good Vibes! 

Firstly  I’m mother to 6. I’m a believer of miracles and all things magic and witchery. I am the creator of Dotey Rox. I’ve always been drawn to crystals and their powers and  beautiful hidden meanings...it all started when I picked up a little pyrite and shell at the age of 6 but  Making them into Jewellery and dotey pieces  that are my first  love!  All magical adornments are created from a place of love and enriches your sacred space or body with its energy!

I'm so grateful to be able to connect you with some of the most beautiful crystals around the world and take this amazing journey together! I  draw my  inspiration from dreams, nature, unusual beauty, occult symbolism and self love.

I rebranded 2019 and started my journey creating empowering and sacred products that  can not only be used as a type of alternative healing and therapy as we them  draw out the negative energy and  work with our  own energy field to absorb, focus and direct energies for a better positive way of life. These crystals and gemstones can also act as a little messenger of well- wishes and the perfect gift for that someone close or for yourself for being such a goddess of your own right!