Selenite bangle cleansing holder with stand

Selenite bangle cleansing holder with stand

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Keep your crystal bangles purified and energetically charged and ready for any occasion  with our Selenite bangle cleansing holder. Carved from natural Selenite, it's perfect for keeping your beautiful Dotey Rox bangles safe and cleansed. Perfect for your as a home decor piece and  say goodbye to negative energy and hello to harmonious vibes

Why you need Selenite in your life 


This Selenite bangle and cleansing holder with stand carries great spiritual significance. It's often used for energy work and can enhance our connection to higher vibrations and messages. Additionally, Selenite can help remove energy blocks, promote peace and purity, and keep you grounded and protected. Included is a handmade stand for convenience. Please keep in mind that Selenite should not be exposed to water as it may alter its mineral composition.


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