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Handmade Crystal Quartz necklace

Handmade Crystal Quartz necklace

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This dainty little Dotey Quartz  necklace was handmade with the witchiest fingers 🖤  creating a simple but the ultimate powerhouse of healing crystal jewellery.

It possesses the ability to magnify, absorb, store, and regulate energy, making it a vital tool for programming. Like a fearless adventurer, Quartz adapts its vibrations to meet the user's needs and restore balance. With its unmatched clarity and versatility, it sharpens focus, unlocks memories, and eliminates negative influences.

Clear Quartz works on all levels of existence and elevates energy to its peak potential. This crystal is also a powerful aid in dissolving karmic obstacles, unlocking psychic abilities, and aligning with one's spiritual path. Through meditation, Quartz serves as a filter, helping you navigate through distractions towards your desired destination.

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