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Sunstone sphere

Sunstone sphere

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Joyous Sunstone is connected to the sacral chakra supporting your creativity and general mindset to help inspire you to find the joy in life especially in times that are dull and grey.. putting the glow and shine back by bringing you warm and uplifting energy with feelings of joy and abundance .. A perfect stone for manifesting, empowering, leadership and boosting your vitality.

This listing is for (One) sphere that will be Intuitively picked you can choose your size at checkout :)


XXS 26-28mm
XS 29-31mm
S 32-35mm
M 35-37mm
L 38-40mm


Please note that crystals are intended to serve for spiritual purposes and Dotey Rox aims to help you discover the powers of alternative healing and using crystals as a spiritual tool to work as visual reminder to stay focused.

The metaphysical information we at Dotey Rox share should never be used as sole medical advice and treatment and should always seek medical advice where needed.

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