Sodalite Medium Tumbled Stone

Sodalite Medium Tumbled Stone

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Sodalite Is the stone to help adults and especially children work on overcoming their fears and worry as sodalite works quickly when they become distressed and experience anxiety/panick attacks, To keep your mind focused enchance logical thinking especially in times of studying or little ones homework and helps children clarify their intentions and not keep them distracted. Much like adults need focus Sodlite is a brilliant stone for strengthening your confidence because it has a soothing affect on your glands due to the high levels of salt mangnese and calcium content.

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All of our Dotey Rox crystals are Ethically sourced from as close to the mines as possible and are of the highest grading..  

I am not giving medical advice but what I do feel is that crystals should be used as a compliment therapy and part of a holistic health plan and NOT to be used as a replacement for regular medical and psychological care. Please consult with a medical professional.

The description above is based on the personal experiences of myself and other holistic practitioners.










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