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Angel number 444 necklace

Angel number 444 necklace

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The meaning of angel number 444 points to your angels watching over you and offering guidance to a brighter future. It can be a number that encourages you to pack away doubt and take decisive action and build a strong foundation. All numbers are meaningful and if you find yourself constantly stumbling across the number 444 it can be that the universe has a message that it wants to share. 

There are lots of angel numbers out there and each comes with its own individual meaning. Seeing repeated numbers in a sequence is part of divine numerology and may be showing up to deliver a spiritual message. Here, we are going to take a closer look at the meaning behind the angel number 444 and look at the significance of the number and why it may be cropping up time and time again. 


Full set includes all  pendants handmade with love and witchy magic! 💫

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