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Dotey Rox

Selenite + Blue Goldstone Bangle

Selenite + Blue Goldstone Bangle

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This gem was inspired by the Harvest Moon which occurred Friday 13th 2019 With the main accent being Selenite which is the stone known as the goddess of the Moon. Selenite connects to divine light and is used for personal transformation and helps support the clearing of the mind. It relieves the wearer  from negative energies that's surrounds you and cleanses ones aura adding  positive intentions to the energy  body and auric field. 

Blue goldstone was actually from wisdom and science, folklore has said it was made by mistake which then resulted in having these rich glittering beads of goodness, Although as sad as it is they do not hold any healing properties they do however remind us to look for any light in any darkness and look at the stars above us.

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