Rainbow  Moonstone Carved Hearts
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Rainbow Moonstone Carved Hearts

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~ Moonstone ~

“With this heart, I connect the core of my being to my will! I welcome any changes that are necessary for my soul's growth, to embrace this transformation with Grace, Love + Light! Healing light and gentle  shimmering self-compassion meet in the Rainbow Moonstone Heart, A heart that is full of feminine flow, soft curves, and a lunar like quality that guides feminine grace and beauty even through troubled times. Here to bring a rush of positive power to your presence a crystal  that is radiant with ancient moon magic.


A bouncing beam of beautiful moon energy, the Rainbow Moonstone has long held an importance, believed to be a wild and natural spell that reconciled lovers, an amulet of white witchcraft, and of course used as a token of goddess worship, The ‘floating light’ effect is very mysterious, so it’s no small wonder that people love moonstone, a crystal that is all positive play and soulful shine.The Rainbow Moonstone is a family member of feldspar family  a mineral known for its  Adularescent light! Adularescence is a faint, inner glow that lays just below the surface of the mineral.  Along with Labradorite and larvikite but only this stone holds the flashing colors of a thousand rainbows inside. It helps to align the chakras, to renew our souls, and to put us on a powerful pathway to help find our peace of mind.

The heart-shaped Rainbow Moonstone has seemingly magical qualities and it’s a light to turn to especially during times of change. For those embarking on spiritual journeys or new beginnings, just having this luminous heart close by can be a guiding force that carries you forward. It helps to keep the mind clear, the heart strong and keeps you tuned in to your own intuition. Choosing the Rainbow Moonstone hearts was simple , the shape of soft curves and sweet lines add another magical layer to this story. The heart shape is an important symbol. It represents the very core of our being and the life-force that keeps us beating. This stone is the very vision of the unity of heart and will, letting goddess Luna watch over you as you travel through the worlds of mortal plain to higher places building a bridge of connections, helping you to stay soaked in high vibrations, embrace new beginnings, cycles of change, and bring hope to even the darkest of nights.

All of our crystals are ethically  sourced and display the correct information about authenticity, enhanced, dyed or manmade. The information o this website is for guidance only. No medical claims are made for the crystal or incense and the information given is not intended to act as a substitutes for medical treatment.

In the context of this website, illness is a disease, the final manifestation of spiritual, environmental, psychological, karmic, emotional or mental imbalance of distress. Healing means bringing mind, body and spirit back to into balance and facilitating evolution of the soul. It DOES NOT imply a CURE so in accordance with crystal healing consensus, all stones are referred to as crystals regardless of whether or not they have a crystalline structure.

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