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Dotey Rox

Lavender Rose Quartz Purple palm stone

Lavender Rose Quartz Purple palm stone

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Who'd of thought Rose Quartz would turn things up a notch... For a minute I thought I was done with Rose Quartz .... Apparently the mother earth said hold up something magical is coming your way!!

Lavender rose quartz gets its color from inclusions of titanium and manganese, both of which bring unique healing properties. Titanium banishes fear and imparts strength, courage, endurance, and tenacity. Manganese is grounding, balancing, strengthening, and a powerful bringer of positive energy. The combination of rose quartz, titanium, and manganese brings incredible heart-healing to the holder. These have not been treated and they are 100% that beautiful! they work with your frequencies that are close to the Heart and Crown chakra and foster a sense of spiritual love and acceptance!

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