Moon Shaped Handmade Charmed  Pendant

Moon Shaped Handmade Charmed Pendant

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Moonstone is known as the woman’s stone, the stone for New Beginnings the stone that will promote hormone balance and strengthen your immune system, relieve anxiety, bring peace as it can also syncs with the energy of the moon and all its cycle making it a good stone for Women and soon to be Mothers, supporting through pregnancy and all round soothing and harmonious stone to bring and sense of instilled calm, tranquil and peace.

Use it as a focus point for when you need to quiet your mind and connect with your body and intuition. For pregnancy and birth its great throughout working with it will help your body soothe with the energy and help your baby familiarise itself with the crystal’s energy after birth, instilling a sense of calm. It is used to inspires self-expression so use it remind you that Everything will come at its own time. Moonstone Being strongly connected to the magic of the moon its powers can bring soothing calming energies, known as the stone of new beginnings For Moon children it will help balance helping those in need of acceptance of change.

The stone will help with the bio rhythms of the body and nature of the moons magic. Used for personal growth and emotional support for sensitive earthling and provide them with its nurturing qualities. Rainbow moonstone, The maternal feminine power of the universe! It is a very protective stone especially for those away from home, moonstone combine gentle nurturing with fierce protectiveness leading to a stone that can take you through even the toughest times. Moonstone will not take away your problem but will certainly arm you with wisdom and knowledge really move ahead in life.

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