Howlite Ghost Carvings
Dotey Rox

Howlite Ghost Carvings

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These Howlite Ghost Carvings are here to connect you to your ancestors and Spirit energy, just in time for shadow season! They look  cute and spooky and just the perfect piece to scaring any negativity away!

Howlite was named after Canadian geologist Henry How, who discovered the stone in 1868 in Nova Scotia. Howlite is a spirit strengthening stone that eases a troubled mind and heart, and is amazingly ultra calming  even during the most stressful times. Howlite gently transmits Spirit energy throughout the body, helping you let go of negative energy and bring peace to your mind, body, and soul. Ghosts symbolize connection with ancestral wisdom. Place these carvings on your altar and allow their energy to draw you near to the wisdom and power of your ancestors.


This listing is for One Howlite Ghost Carving about 3-4” yours will arrive lovingly packaged with an official dotey booklet and care package 💎

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