Green Fuchsite  Small  Polished Tower
Green Fuchsite  Small  Polished Tower
Green Fuchsite  Small  Polished Tower
Green Fuchsite  Small  Polished Tower

Green Fuchsite Small Polished Tower

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Get ready for major love in your life with this Tumbled Green Fuchsite! This stone is full of powerful healing energy and is all about true love. It’s the gem of life force and heals the heart physically and emotionally, readying you for all kinds of romance. Fuchsite encourages peace and understanding and is also helpful in creating healthy boundaries. Work with this gem to heal your heart and attract true love!


The deeper   magick of Green Fuchsite 

Green fuchsite a  stone associated with faires and folklore, the green and gold sparkly flecks that resembles fairy dust! It carries the energies of vitality of youth and will almost fill your life with joy and playfulness. It is variety of green muscovite mica which is why its so shimmery and it will draw your eyes too it instantly! but its known as the healers stone good for healers and its known to boost the immune system and remove harmful toxins physically and emotionally dispels the toxicity. If your not a healer this is an amazing stone to help you look after your own needs and remind you that you are responsible for your own happiness. Stimulating your mind and body with its strong heart chakra vibration when holding this stone will instantly draw you from within, attracted to it's beautiful radiance and connecting you to the heavens. This will help you access information from the universal mind via your intuition.. when looking into the depths of these sparkling pieces it may help if you have become stressed and help bring you more calm and at peace.

When buying this product you will receive it wrapped and includes a Handmade Hidden Magical meaning Info booklet.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and form.

Sold Individually.

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