Pink Apophyllite

Pink Apophyllite

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There’s nothing more beautiful then these dazzling subtle pink beauties with their crystalline structure that are of like angel wings they resonate around love and will appear in your life when there is cause for deep healing, These angelic beauties hold such a vibration that raises our spirit and energies and are surrounding restoring strength to our hearts and faith in humanity.


Sparkling crystals of light that literally infuse your space with the lightness of pure being, creating a safe space in which we feel at peace and let go of burdens, past traumas. When negative feelings begin to melt away, it rebalances the aura for an overall feeling of wellbeing and contentment.


Using this stone in times when you need to feel calm with the soft, blush hues radiate a warmth that stretches deep within you, bringing  a sense of divine love to you and those around you. A dreamy stone that encapsulates all that is love, grace, beauty, elegance and aligning you with your spirit angel guides.

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