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Dotey Rox

Carved Bat palm root

Carved Bat palm root

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Palm Root is the fossilized form of the root system of the Indonesian palm. Over millions of years and due to great pressure, the palm root underwent the petrification process wherein each carbon atom is slowly replaced with a silicon atom; this is also known as the agitization process. This results in beautiful intersecting swirls and colours and translucent sections of individual Palm Root specimens that demonstrate the depth and perspective of each piece.

Palm root carries with it a timeless wisdom and knowledge of the earth. Work with Palm Root to release any past life issues and transform any old energies into a stable, tranquil foundation.
Palm Root is an excellent grounding stone as it assists to dissolve fear and clear confusion of current life situations. Release negative behaviors and eases feelings of depression or anxiety. Brings physical and energetic protection. Balances and soothes emotions. Can aid in expanding positive beliefs to uplift one’s mind and body. Revitalizes one’s life force or chi energy.


Please note that crystals are intended to serve for spiritual purposes and Dotey Rox aims to help you discover the powers of alternative healing and using crystals as a spiritual tool to work as visual reminder to stay focused.

The metaphysical information we at Dotey Rox share should never be used as sole medical advice or treatment and should always seek medical advice where needed.

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