Black Raw Obsidian Chunks
Dotey Rox

Black Raw Obsidian Chunks

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Black Obsidian Natural  Raw Crystal 


Adjusting to changes requires new qualities and strengths. The Universe is making sure you’re equipped for the great things ahead! Black Obsidian provides the strength and protection you need! 

 Black Obsidian a highly protective stone, Obsidian is ever ready to keep your whole body ready for action and this means helping every inch stay detoxed it helps by forming a bubble of protective shield whenever a harmful vibration touches your aura  and it's certain you need this strength to grow & adapt to change & to live life fully refreshed, grounded and full of fire! 


All of our crystals are ethically  sourced and display the correct information about authenticity, enhanced, dyed or manmade. The information o this website is for guidance only. No medical claims are made for the crystal or incense and the information given is not intended to act as a substitutes for medical treatment.

In the context of this website, illness is a disease, the final manifestation of spiritual, environmental, psychological, karmic, emotional or mental imbalance of distress. Healing means bringing mind, body and spirit back to into balance and facilitating evolution of the soul. It DOES NOT imply a CURE so in accordance with crystal healing consensus, all stones are referred to as crystals regardless of whether or not they have a crystalline structure.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and natural form and each sold separately

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