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Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

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These stunning abalone shells are just beautiful, the highly iridescent shell is composed of nacre layer known as the mother of pearl! These not only are unique as no shell will be the same but hold so many good properties that will support your healing body mind and soul with strong connection of the ocean it will increase your strength and serenity in equal measures!

These abalone shells is traditionally used to burn herbs and smudges. A stick can be placed against the edge while still alight. ( Do not leave unattended ) so give it a try and checkout our other rox rituals products including palo santo, bundles and blue sage.

Overall, these precious little beauties are a perfect addition to your home and within your practice  I've even got cuts of the shell to make charms and into pedants 😍😍 .

We receive our abalone shells from South Africa & Mexico where they are farmed. They are not caught from the wild. So the supply is sustainable and does not destroy any natural habitat or wild abalones. The meat is popular in Japan and is exported there. Then the shells are sold for various uses including to us.


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