New Moon Magic  Printable Worksheet

New Moon Magic Printable Worksheet

Using the New Moon to bring what you want to manifest in your life planting the seed as our creativity, intention ability and positive energy is at our highest.  Once you know what you want to focus on begin to format your intention aligning with the new moon cycle.


Here is a few ways to work with a new moon and get those intentions into action.

Create an affirmation/mantra 

Write in a Journal especially good for going back to look what you've achieved/ goals .

Plant seed (literally) I love nothing more to be in the garden watching my flowers grow and bloom just like us.

Pull a simple oracle card 

Get a tarot reading 

Work with manifesting crystals.


Create as vision board 

Work with candle and Herb magic to enhance you intentions.

Print off the New Moon worksheet and don't forget to tag us in your new moon intentions @doteyrox 

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