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Dotey Rox

Sunflower silver plated necklace

Sunflower silver plated necklace

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Our lovely new Sunflower Necklace 

It is intended as a message of love and deep appreciation especially for that someone who makes your life better, who brings a smile to your face, and joy to your heart.

A Perfect gift of love and appreciation for someone who brings joy to your life or a loving gift for a friend or family member who just loves sunflowers. 

We have brought this warm and positive


Sunflowers  carry the intention of warm and positivity and of course look like the sun, and are heliotropic, meaning they turn to follow the sun when young, they are always thought of as a happy flower, associated with sunshine. In mythology, they symbolise love and adoration, from the myth of the nymph Clytie's adoration of Apollo, the God of the Sun; and longevity, from Chinese tradition. 

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