Strawberry Quartz Point
Dotey Rox

Strawberry Quartz Point

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Glittering Strawb Quartz perfect for crafting a crystal grid, making an exilir or meditating with.


The Hidden meaning of Strawberry Quartz is the stone of inner love. It’s soothing and calming energies are perfect for those who struggle with anxiety, stress and worry. This stone amplifies your intentions of love, appreciation and generosity. It has also been known to attract true love into your life as well as promoting self love and self worth. Strawberry Quartz lightens your thought process and creates and loving environment. It has the ability to help you see the humour in all situations, despite the challenges, sadness and disappointment that life sometimes brings. Please note these are natural stones that have been amazingly hand carved so please don’t expect perfection.

They are absolutely beautiful. This will be cleansed and charged by the last full moon. If you would like me to programme it for something specific please just send me a message. Keep your crystals within your aura to allow the stones to bond with own energies and personal power. If you look after your crystals then they will always look after you.

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