Dream Pillow Handmade
Dream Pillow Handmade
Dream Pillow Handmade

Dream Pillow Handmade

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Small Dream Pillow with Natural Herbs & Tumble stone of choice.

 There are Two designs a stamped logo  which was also handmade & a exclusive witch of the Night these have been handmade from a small independent shop. 

In today's modern world it can be really challenging to  get s good night's rest and sleep. Keeping a balance daytime  lifestyle and bedtime ritual are excellent ways to prepare the body for a restful sleep  for exciting and inspiring dreams.

There are even traditions   in which herbs are used during sleep, not only to bring about peaceful snoozing, but also to create vivid, lucid dreaming landscapes sure to bring happiness, rather than grogginess, to your waking state.

The practice of placing herbs under one’s pillow dates back centuries and was originally thought to protect against evil, bring good dreams, calm bad dreams, foresee the future, or even conjure a lover into one’s life! No matter the reason, herbal pillows are an easy way to help promote peaceful sleep and encourage dreaming. 

A Note on Design: The design of the covers of the dream pillow does vary depending upon the fabrics available at time as these are all handmade buy an independent small shop. 

Size of Pillow: About 4 x 4".

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