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Rose Gold  Hematite Filigree Heart Shaped Locket + Chain
Rose Gold  Hematite Filigree Heart Shaped Locket + Chain
Rose Gold  Hematite Filigree Heart Shaped Locket + Chain

Rose Gold Hematite Filigree Heart Shaped Locket + Chain

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A beautiful gift for that special someone or the perfect treat for you, this gorgeous Rose Gold  locket is finished in contemporary rose gold tone and features intricate filigree detailing. A modern twist to a traditional classic piece designed to be treasured with a hidden gemstone of Kunzite or Jade 

Kunzite The pink style of Kunzite associated with the meaning of love and devotion. Expand  Loving Thoughts Kunzite is soaked in sublime love and the divine light of being. While its gentle nature and feminine colour scheme may seem whimsical, Kunzite is one of the strongest crystals in the pack for sweeping away any kind of dark feelings of doom and gloom. Dressed in divine love, Kunzite comes to us in many shades – it can be colourless or it can be soft and shimmering in shades of pink and lilac or even soft lemon yellow and green. The green and yellow versions of Kunzite are sometimes referred to as Hiddenite. Yet, it is the rosy-hued variety we first think of when we hear the name Kunzite.

Jade Joyous Jade  as I like to call her is one of the most famed healing crystals known for bringing lashings of good luck to all who wear her. While the world often thinks of Jade to be synonymous with Chinese medicine and healing, the roots of this abundantly blessed stone go beyond the confines of one continent. Jade has been around for thousands and thousands of years and its impact on humanity can be found scattered across the globe, in many tribes, towns, and tributaries that connect the world.


The perfect gift.

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