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Divination is seeking Wisdom and knowledge something as simple as a yes/no answer or positive or negative in a form of swinging motion and starting with easy questions working with it every day will help you build your pendulum work using the pendulum divination is just a way of unearthing hidden info that's is locked in our subconscious Minds.

Deep down we will already know the answers at a subconscious level but doing pendulum work will just help bring that wisdom to light so that it may be used for our own greater good.

You can connect with them just like the crystals diff shapes sizes stones etc, the way it feels in your hand! Some say to use dominant hand too and was always said to but being a lefty I automatically want to put it in the right hand and felt really forced putting it in my left so I feel what ever works for you do what you feel is more natural and Free flowing!

On a personal level i love working with pendulum when I feel I need that extra push and guidance I always take a few minutes to clear ground and centre before using and especially free from distractions lol little tricky in our house with a family of 8! 


Care information


Crystals and rocks are a great addition to your healing journey wether your on the witchy path, or spiritual self care regime so when you get your new piece  and even gemstone jewellery we feel this is very important as they have been touched and travelled all over the world, that’s a lot of built up energy into your precious beauties, untill they are home in their best hands we believe all healing crystals and handmade Jewellery should be cleansed to remove unwanted energies good and  bad to start you crystal journey with intention, love and gratitude.

Here are my top tips to cleansing all off these are easy to do and use which ever method appeal to you the most

Seasalt and water,I leave overnight and even add sage, or lavender to enhance effect.Running wateris fine too ( be mindful not to use on water soluble crystals i tend to avoid this method on stones that end in (ite) such as Selenite, Kunzite, malachite, calcite, but even likes of moonstone and ruby as they are usually on the lower mohs scale of 5 and lower, generally agate & quartz and 6 and over are hard enough to withstand in water.Other stones associated with purifying such as Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Citrine,Candle/incense Magic Simply light acoloured candle or white as that can represent any colour for intention simply run the crystal through the incense or through the light of the candle as you do this ritual imagine it being cleansed of all other energy. Moon Magic Place under the illuminating moon whether itsnew moon intentions or Full Moon healing leave on your windowsill or in a sealed jar outside and let your crystal babies soak up the lunation’s refreshing energies. For Tips on how to perform a Moon Ritual click the witching with Dotey Rox and find all the useful guides and witchy Tips

You do not have to do this but I find personally this method helps you build a deeper connection with your crystals and like most to get the best from crystals by empowering their spiritual tools so by programming & intention setting this is best done right after you’ve cleansed and cleared your beautiful beings.

Place you’re intuitively picked crystal in you hand preferable your receiving hand normally the left since this is your receiving side. Hold above your third Eye Chakra (Just above eye level)In the natural light, or outside within nature or even new t to a windowWhilst focusing on your crystal and with what you wish to support you with, say aloud I programme this crystal to the highest good, I ask that it be used with love and lightand gratitude and guide me with said intention /purposeRemember it doesn’t have to be exact put your own spin on it, choosing the wording that works best for you

How to safely store you crystals 

Crystals can be fragile so handling them with extra love and care is essential to keep them from looking their best and can last for years and years if cared right.

Keeping some stones out of direct sunlight will stop fading  such as Quartz, Apophyllite, Aventurine, Beryl Celestie & calcite are just to name a few. 

Keep them stored when not in use in their pouches or wrapped in a silk scarf 

Don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean your crystals 

If your  Crystal breaks or cracks fear not as upsetting as it is especially if it’s for no reason this can be a number of things with being a shift in the stones energy. It may also. Mean what’s has been set out ass been served and its energies are longer serving you and time to move on to its new holder.

Don’t just throw away your crystals restore them back in Mother Earth whether that’s burying them back in Mother Earth or or using them as garden decor or finding creative ways to reuse them! If you are not fully ready to part ways with your crystals.

What ever you choose always thank it for its guidance and blessings you’ve received.

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