Peacock Oré Bornite

Peacock Oré Bornite

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Peacock ore Peacock ore which is also known as bornite and known as the stone of happiness, mystic and magic, even just by looking at this beautiful these pieces of rainbow magic will make you smile! So full of creative enchanted energies with positive direction channelling the flow of information. Everybody needs this gorgeous stone in their collection it heals, aligns and brings wisdom by attuning you to all the arrays of colour and scared energy. So not much this stone cannot do it is a powerhouse and can even super charge spell work if you fancy getting your witch on and practice witch craft.

All of Dotey Rox Crystals are Ethically sourced From as close to the mines as possible and are of the highest grading.. 💎

I am not giving medical advice but what I do feel is that crystals should be used as a compliment therapy and part of a holistic health plan and NOT to be used as a replacement for regular medical and psychological care. Please consult with a medical professional.

The description above is based on the personal experiences of myself and other holistic practitioners.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and natural form and each sold separately

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