Raw Kunzite Small Crystal
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Raw Kunzite Small Crystal

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The gentle but powerful
Kunzite is from a mineral called Spodumene it's transparent to translucent stone with a vitreous lustre which occurs in the colours clear, grey, pink, lilac and violet which is the variety of (kunzite); and yellow, green (hiddenite) these stones will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and a deeper understanding.

These pastel beauties will not only calm all the noise and chaos in and around your life, it will help you look for the light to see the joy, peace and serenity whenever you feel it's needed this is due to the lithium content, the
Hiddenite mineral is the yellow- green or emerald variety, It assists you in releasing worrisome and repetitive thoughts. Use this stone to bring mental peace and serenity. Hiddenite helps you shift your intention to what is truly important in your life. With this stone in hand, focus your intention on your dreams, wishes, goals, and desires.

Kunzite is such a loving stone that can help you let go of fears and worries and what the future may hold giving you warm feelings of hope & love, to work to ease those sad days replacing your worries with bouts of courage to bring forward into the present!

All of Dotey Rox Crystals are Ethically sourced From as close to the mines as possible and are of the highest grading.. 💎

I am not giving medical advice but what I do feel is that crystals should be used as a compliment therapy and part of a holistic health plan and NOT to be used as a replacement for regular medical and psychological care. Please consult with a medical professional.

The description above is based on the personal experiences of myself and other holistic practitioners.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and natural form and each sold separately

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