Grey Jasper, Silver Druzy Agate + Black Onyx Handmade  Stack

Grey Jasper, Silver Druzy Agate + Black Onyx Handmade Stack

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Scenery Jasper Is a grounding and nurturing stone its mainly used to support during times of stress and helps bring a certain peacefulness to ones life, It also reminds us to help others. In chakra it is used to align and protect and absorb negative energies whilst cleansing the aura. Its good for balancing the mineral content and reenergises our bodies.


Onyx a powerful protection stone, known as the stone of strength. onyx will centre your energy whilst aligning your inner strength and force. Support you in lessons in self confidence and helping you stay calm and at ease in your environment. Onyx will absorb any negativity away from you and prevent the drainage of personal energy. It can also help elevate deep rooted depression and keep you on a level and increases your concentration and determination.


Agate The stone of inner stability It has the ability to harmonise the yin and yang and stabilise the aura. Agate are grounding bringing emotional, physical and intellectual balance it will help heal inner anger and acceptance of one’s self which will build confidence and mental function to Raise one conscious and encourages awareness of the oneness of life. Agate stimulates so It’s powerful with cleansing the emotional and physical levels.

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