Iolite Sparks with Sunstone Medium Tumbled Stone

Iolite Sparks with Sunstone Medium Tumbled Stone

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Iolite sparks which is Iolite combined with sunstone one of my faves but this stone I think often resembles the autumn sky at night. Iolite is one of the best stones to use to work along side breaking bad habits and help increase motivation


It's the stone most used for the creative ones as it can help bring order to chaos and keep you from distractions and help spark new ideas... gazing into the indigo depths can show you worlds beyond our own and take you on journey spiritually beyond our realm! .

Combined with the happy uplifting sunstone that draws you to all things joyful harnessing the energy of the sun it brings you further to self empowerment and courage it can help move past old emotional trauma combined with Iolite it's a perfect stone for the often family rift and family trauma and soothing family those dramas that often arise! it's also been known to be lucky stone for bringing success in business to those who work with it.


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