Raw Moonstone + Sunstone Moon + Stars Handmade Necklace

Raw Moonstone + Sunstone Moon + Stars Handmade Necklace

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Moonstone The stone of New beginnings it has its strong connection to the moon. It has a powerful effect to calm and sooth the emotional body and balance the hormonal system. It's used to inspires self expression so use it remind you that Everything will come at its own time.

Sunstone The stone of joy strongly connected to the sun bring lightened into any dark situation and brings a sense of joy. Protects from energy being drained and is a great stone for leadership, motivation and independence. It is beneficial to wear sunstone to feel alive and enthusiastic as it increases vitality and is perfect for starting or maintaining a fitness regime and occupations requiring high energy throughout their day.

Combined together to create Harmony and peace from the sun and moons energies.

With a sunstone beaded silver chain 

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