Haematite  Rondelle Silver Childrens Handmade Bangle

Haematite Rondelle Silver Childrens Handmade Bangle

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Hematite one of the most effective stabilising stones you could have. With its grounding and cleansing qualities call upon hematite to pursue your heist goals and bring you a sense of grounding. use this stone for when you are feeling overwhelmed and use it to clear away any confusion and help increase your focus & concentration, Spiritually increases your intuition as well with its strong connection to the earth supporting you from deep within. activating the root chakra hematite will bring you a sense of safety, grounding and protection.

 So especially for children this stone will  bring that sense of feeling protected it  can serve to calm children down and prepare them especially with school work.  It provides a balanced energy that promotes feelings of strength and courage while being calming at the same time. Hematite also neutralizes negative energy, boosts confidence, and reduces worries.

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