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Druzy, Onyx, Larvikite, Hematite Stacker Set

Druzy, Onyx, Larvikite, Hematite Stacker Set

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Arm Yourself with the dazzling beauty


Onyx is a tool for the warrior of the heart and is particularly helpful for empaths as it stabilizes emotions and absorbs and transmutes low vibrations. It keeps you focused, helping you realign perceptions and actions to support strong decision making and become a master of self. Combined with Druzy Quartz that'll  work with all chakras and helps you progress in life, especially during times when you feel energetically stagnant with the dreamy larvikite that will help you to see yourself through the eyes of your higher self. It will offer protection even when you asleep and anything that is no longer needed it will be dispelled and you will be able to enjoy the positive flow of energies. Along with Hematite Larvikite is grounding and protecting and with  Haematites almost steely quality and feel to it that means that, intellectually speaking, you always feel as though you have a solid footing

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