Dendritic Jade Point 80-90mm
Dotey Rox

Dendritic Jade Point 80-90mm

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 Joyous Jade as I like to call her is one of the most famed healing crystals known for bringing lashings of good luck to all who wear her. While the world often thinks of Jade to be synonymous with Chinese medicine and healing, the roots of this abundantly blessed stone go beyond the confines of one continent.

Jade has been around for thousands and thousands of years and its impact on humanity can be found scattered across the globe, in many tribes, towns, and tributaries that connect the world.  Signifies wisdom and nurturing protecting the beholder from harm and brings harmony.

These formations are incredible a variation of jade with wild flower like pattern spouting all over the crystal A gift from Mother Nature, they show us that life doest always have to grow according to plan to still be quite beautiful!

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