Blue Chalcedony XL Tumbled Stone
Blue Chalcedony XL Tumbled Stone

Blue Chalcedony XL Tumbled Stone

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Blue Chalcedony

A Nurturing stone that will bring the holder instilling feelings of generosity. A creative stone that opens your mind to new ideas and helps acceptance of new situations. Blue chalcedony will give you a feeling of light heartedness and push you to look forward optimistically Being a flexible stone associated with communication enhancing listening skills due to its calming affect easing self-doubt and transforming hostility into joy! This stone was traditionally used in weather magic and clearing illnesses related to the weather change. Having lots of health benefits this stone has been known to help respiratory system, eye care and known to combat mineral build-up in the veins!

 When buying this product you will receive it wrapped and includes a Handmade Hidden Magical meaning Info booklet.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and natural form and each sold separately

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