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Amethyst  Natural Clusters
Amethyst  Natural Clusters

Amethyst Natural Clusters

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 Amethyst known spiritually as a  master healer known for its powers to activate the crown chakras and bring you peaceful, loving spiritual energy. Not only is this stone very protective it is also the stone to aid pain and tension pain but also help relieve sleep disturbances and releasing those fears and anxiety. It will sharpen your senses and clear your mind for better understanding and overcome drunkenness not just substance but emotionally it will help unblock and align it induces tranquillity and soothes any form of negative emotions By dissolving the negative energies this stone can also be very helpful in balancing mood swings and soothes irritability and alleviates sadness.

When buying this product you will receive it wrapped and includes a Handmade Hidden Magical meaning Info booklet.

 Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in colour and form.

Sold Individually.


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