Lupercalia & how amethyst is used in connection to Valentine's Day

Lupercalia & how amethyst is used in connection to Valentine's Day


Celebrate love and protection with a purple stone of Amethyst  a symbolic birth stone of February. Comes in so many different forms and uniqueness much like Valentine's Day itself, bless your own (or a loved one's) marriage. (Don't let Cupid do all the work, give a gift that lasts!)

The stone that not only is Highly spiritual but protective and symbolises love! Old Roman traditions saw valentine's days as day of celebration of love and marriage blessings it was named after Saint valentine a wise old priest who would bless couples throughout the Roman empire wearing a large amethyst ring with a symbol of Cupid in!

This festival actually dates  back as far as the 3rd century BCE being the earliest historical record of the Lupercalia  while the last record was from the end of the 5th century CE — around the same time Pope Gelasius created a day for Saint Valentine.  Records show in fact it was  a pagan festival called Lupercalia the famous brothers Remus and Romulus the two mythical founders that were cared for by a she wolf which is why it's named Lupercalia the meaning of wolf!

A festival that occurred between the 13_15th of February a celebration of fertility and childbirth and bringing of good luck! Which I can relate too having conceived all 3 girls around those dates! but the pagan ritual came to an end when Pope Gelasius banned the celebration due to its nudity and drunkenness instead renamed it purification of the the virgin Mary! So very different to what it was.

 So let’s  "Embrace good luck and positive energy celebrated for fertility and childbirth, good fortune.  I did however (Conceived 3 girls around same date 🔮). Originally a festival, now a purification ritual according to Pope Gelasius.

So cheers to new beginnings!" and Channel the festival of Lupercalia with its red and white colours representing sacrifice, cleansing, and new beginnings. Add a splash of ancient love to your modern Valentine's Day with your favourite Amethyst. The purple gem symbolises purity and passion, adding a touch of haziness to your celebrations.



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