Location spell

Location spell

Isn't it the most annoying thing when you misplace something even more so when it is something precious  

There a a few ways to locate something! Using a pendulum and working on a map especially for large area you will need 4 candles too! 

If a small place a drawing of the last place you remember it being is fine, focus on your intention setting your item using a pendulum then let it guide you in clock wise motion.. if it is close or where you drew it the it’ll swing near it!

If you wish to use candle magic then simple white candle or any ideally you want to let the candle burn right down I even use a birthday candle as it is small if you only have a large candle repeat the process daily until the candle has burned down,  and recite this spell/ wish 


What I lost, please help me find, 

to  restore my peace of mind,

Take my luck and turn it round 

For what is lost must be found.


The old  witches way is using a water bowl which I love doing is fill a bowl or cauldron nearly to the top with water. Dim the lights and stare into the bowl, then ask it to reveal to you the location of what you are looking for. After a while you should start to see shapes and images, which could offer some insight to help you find your lost item and really dive deep in your knowing! 





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