Lupercalia &  how amethyst is used in connection to Valentine's Day

Lupercalia & how amethyst is used in connection to Valentine's Day

 Amethyst is widely known as the birth stone of February!

The stone that not only is Highly spiritual but protective and symbolises love! Old Roman traditions saw valentine's days as day of celebration of love and marriage blessings it was named after Saint valentine a wise old priest who would bless couples throughout the Roman empire wearing a large amethyst ring with a symbol of Cupid in!

It actually dates  back as far as the 3rd century BCE being the earliest historical record of the Lupercalia  while the last record was from the end of the 5th century CE — around the same time Pope Gelasius created a day for Saint Valentine.  Records show in fact it was  a pagan festival called Lupercalia the famous brothers Remus and Romulus the two mythical founders that were cared for by a she wolf which is why it's named Lupercalia the meaning of wolf! The wolf symbolizes family, learning, co-operation, insight, stealth, strength, leadership, loyalty, freedom, individuality, psychic energy connected to the moon (hidden wisdom), sharing knowledge and wisdom, cunning, hunting, seeking, introspection, listening, magick, dreams. There are many deities of many cultures that are connected to the wolf. 

A festival that occurred between the 13_15th of February a celebration of fertility and childbirth and bringing of good luck! Which I can relate too having conceived all 3 girls around those dates 🔮 but the pagan ritual came to an end when Pope Gelasius banned the celebration due to its nudity and drunkenness instead renamed it purification of the the virgin Mary! So very different to what it was.

A celebration that's evolved over time and I still think it shares a similar concept to the modern day valentine's Day today! Like many ancient traditions there is a lot of haziness surrounding the origins and rituals of Lupercalia but some of Lupercalia symbols still live on in this modern day valentine's celebration with the colour red represents a blood sacrifice during the festival and the colour white signified the milk used to while the blood clean and represents new life and procreation.💎

Modern Lupercalia Ritual

Things You’ll Need:

  • Flame
  • Dirt or Salt
  • Water
  • Incense
  • Objects / Tools you want to cleanse
  • Music
  • Wolf Totem of any kind

Cleanse the Space, Ground, Cast the Circle, and by smudging with a sage stick or choice of incense loose with your kadylo (incensor) or with stick incense. As you circle your space say a blessing. This is usually said three times as you walk the circle three times. How you bless your space is up to you.

Now call your Watchtowers, Elements, or Directions. When I’m alone and feeling’ witchy, I call the watchtowers, when I’m with a group we generally call the Elements. I use the Watchtowers because I work heavily within the ideas of Spirits looking out for you and being eternally watching like the Sumerian Votive Figures.


Here are the Elements correspondences if you want to use them:    East –Air, South—Fire, West—Water, North—Earth, Space—Spirit.

Invoke the Deities of your choice (if you want), in this case it’s Lupa, Lupercus, Faunus, and Pan. I also like to invite Bacchus / Dionysus anytime there’s a party. Then tell them why you’ve called upon them. Ask for them to lend their hand as you purify your space and those in it. This is also a good time to cleanse anything that might have some bad vibe  or just a routine cleansing.

Instead of the full cleansing prayer listed below you can chant “Smoke rise, Let us be wise” as you cleanse your objects. To cleanse pass your object over the flame, through the incense smoke, sprinkle it with earth or salt, and bless it with water.


[Set your Wolf Totem on your Altar or on your body if its jewellery. Light your candle or flame and ready the smudging. When it’s ready say a blessing as you walk the circle three times with the smudge. The following is a common Pagan blessing when drawing the circle]

“I cast this circle thrice about to keep unwanted spirits out” [3x]

I call to the Watchtowers of the North, the South, the East, and the West. Watch over me as I call to the Gods and as I walk on after this night until the next.

My Personal Invocation:

Bacchus, my heart, waken from your slumber, its almost time to come join us, come to our circle and share our celebration and dance.

Lupa, mother She-wolf, I call to you to nurture and guide us into the Spring.

Lupercus God of shepherds, come join us and watch over us into the Spring.

May we live as the shepherds and follow you into the lush green that is yet to come out of the snow. Guide us as we guide our flock into the warmth of Spring.

Lastly, On this night, dear Faunus & Lover Pan, share with us your ecstasy and make our hooves to dance like yours as we circle round the fire to your song.

We gather tonight to ask for your hand in purification and blessings of prosperity and fertility for the coming Spring. Encircle us as we cleanse ourselves.

[Now its time to cleanse your items or objects you’ve brought to the altar, or just yourself. Pass your object over the flame, through the incense smoke, sprinkle it with earth or salt, and bless it with water.]

Smoke rise,  Let us be wise. Cleanse this (name of object) and cloak it in love.

So Mote Be.

After you have completed the ritual play some music if you don’t already have it on or start a drum circle and dance magic dance!


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